Just a few thoughts from some of our clients...

Fitness Training
I first started seeing Sarah, after being diagnosed with 2 autoimmune conditions. Having to take steroids daily and being unable to do the high intensity exercise I could do prior to these conditions, left me feeling unfit, weak and obsessed with my weight.

Sarah helped me get my confidence back in the gym and tailored the sessions, so that even when medically I was struggling, I could still exercise safely and feel accomplished without compromising my conditions. I now know what to watch out for when doing exercises, how to do them safely and effectively (engage your glutes and core) and I feel confident and strong. Sarah is a wonderful personal trainer and I cannot recommend her enough.
Young Woman Running
I met Sarah after I had suffered a severe back injury. My fitness levels were down, my weight had piled up and most importantly my confidence was really affected. Sarah was great at developing a tailored program for me and taught me how to safely and effectively lift weights.
She progressed my training slowly and steadily and constantly supported my journey with personalised workouts, video feedback and regular check up calls and texts. She understood my fears of re injury and took the time to make sure I was ok. 
In the last year my confidence has grown massively,we have completely redefined my body shape and I have lost 10kg. I am a new person now who enjoys weight training and now know what I am capable of.
Yoga Pose


I was first referred to Rush Fitness London in October 2017 following a lengthy hospital stay for leukemia and Sepsis. On discharge I was very weak and needed to build up my strength. The chemotherapy was tough and damaged my heart which required major heart surgery.

Sarah has been with me every step of the way. Her initial efforts ensured that I was strong enough to undergo heart surgery and she has been key in my overall recovery. I always felt that she was holistic in her approach, treating me the person rather than the specific condition and she always has a prepared plan.